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The Gift of Music

Taking piano lessons from the highly acclaimed instructor Evan Rea (Chicago-based) between the ages of 6-12 has provided me with something invaluable and immeasurable that will remain with me for a lifetime: the gift of music.

With a strong foundation in my piano skills, I was able to resume lessons in college, where I also joined two bands and began writing original compositions. I've been composing and collaborating ever since.

After college, I have spent eight years in the education profession, primarily as a high school English teacher, along with additional experiences that range from teaching and tutoring students in kindergarten through adult ed, as well as students with severe special needs through students who are highly advanced.

In January 2019, I founded Classroom 88 and began teaching private piano lessons on the weekends in the Long Beach area, and I am now expanding my services in order to dedicate more of my energy, resources, and abilities toward my passion for piano.

I cannot wait to connect with more students and learn about their own unique musical journeys, and to pass along my passion: the gift of music.

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